Afshid Reihanifard’s profile

Creative visual designer, UX/UI Professional


Mrs. Reihanifard is a UX/UI designer, a professional lecturer and, an artist with excellent communication skills demonstrated by 24 years of experience across several expertise domains, such as working as a Faculty Member of the Industrial Design Department of Azad University, Creative Designer at Infinity Art Center, or being a Visual Artist and more.
She has practiced the User Experience, and Design Thinking approaches over the years. While teaching the design process course based on these most validated trends have strengthened her skill set as a creative designer.
She holds two MA’s and BA’s in Graphic Design and Industrial Design, which provide her a great context to compromise and come up with breakthrough ideas with any kinds of projects in the design field.

Mrs. Reihanifard is an advocate for keeping the UX/UI process iterative, effective, and meaningful, focusing on the project to move forward with the best outcome.
She is capable of communicate via the team to find the most creative solutions while integrating a wide variety of user constraints requires a genuine team effort.
Based on the current trends in design fields, she updates her skills and knowledge to achieve the best results.
Mrs. Reihanifard is staying within the client’s schedule and budget as it drives through the Airdec mission statement, she works closely with the clients, gets involved with them through the dialogues, and analyses what they say, without making a personal interpretation so she can sketch the best resolution empathizing with the end-users and the client’s needs at the same time.
She embraces all the challenges in the crucial situations regarding the specifications and restrictions of the project. She is capable of designing interactive prototypes and delivering high-quality work on a tight schedule and demonstrating a thorough understanding of visual and UI design principles within the related applications.